MEET WATER SAVERS (Made in Denmark and Germany) are cost effective and easy to install for bathroom faucets, showers, ablution hoses and toilet flushing systems (by ecoBETA®). Water Savers enable clients to obtain significant reductions in water usage without affecting hygiene or high standards of comfort. Installing water savers is not only a sound investment in the future of our environment, but also considerably reduces year-on-year costs on water bills, with a rapid Return On Investment.

Faucet Water Savers

Spray & Aerators

Water Savers for faucet taps are available as 2.5 L/min spray or as aerators providing flow rates of 4,6 and 8L/min.

MEET also provides tamper proof, anti-theft casing adapters.

  • Tamper proof Casing
  • Save up to 15,000 liters per person annually
  • Simple conversion of faucets in 30 seconds
  • Install to virtually all existing faucets

Shower & Hose Water Savers

Inline Reducers & Regulators

Water Savers for showers and ablution hoses are available in flow rates of 8, 10 and 12L/min. MEET also provides coupling adapters.
  • Save up to 20,000 liters per person annually‬
  • Simple conversion of showers and hoses in 30 seconds
  • Install to virtually all existing showers and hoses

Toilet Flush System

ecoBETA® Dual flush water saving systems work on intuitive “Press & Hold” technology:

Press will provide a 3L flush

Hold will provide up to 9L flush

  • Save up to 11,000 liters per person annually
  • Simple conversion of toilets in 5 min
  • Install to virtually all existing single flush toilets
MEET uses high durability plastics. Unlike most water saving devices in the market today, copper, brass and stainless steel are NOT used inside MEET water savers as these
materials are subject to micro-corrosion which accelerates lime scale deposits and blockages

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Return On Investment
  • Reduce water bills
  • Reduce tanker charges for waste water
  • Improve Environmental credentials
  • Faucet
  • Pantry Faucet
  • Shower
  • Ablution hose
  • Toilet ecoBETA
  • 10L/min
  • 10L/min
  • 14L/min
  • 14L/min
  • 8L/flush
  • 2.5-4L/min
  • 6-8L/min
  • 10-12L/min
  • 6-8L/min
  • Small flush 3L
  • 60-75%
  • 20-40%
  • 15-28%
  • 40-57%
  • 7m3 per year per person

Certifications & Awards