MEET’s environmentally friendly odor neutralization and aroma proprietary technologies provide a safe and effective alternative to ozone-generating equipment, gels, pressurized sprays (CFCs) and impregnated cake systems. MEET’s membrane and disk systems rely on scientifically formulated natural aromatic oil compounds to release an odor-neutralizing “dry vapor” into the treatment area. These can include a selection of subtle aromas to enhance the atmosphere of any given environment. The active odor neutralization component is called “Neutrox Gamma”. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from European and USA Authorities are available on request.


The Vaporshark is designed to provide a simple, safe solution to tough odor problems in a broad spectrum of industries and situations, such as restoration of large spaces and permanent odor control wherever quick, powerful deodorization is required. A neutralizing dry vapor is diffused as air passes over replaceable “breathing” membranes to quickly penetrate all porous surfaces, ridding the area of residual malodors.

  • Versatile electric unit treats atmosphere, contents and structure simultaneously
  • Treats areas up to 1,400m³ (50,000 cu. Ft.)


The Optimum 4000 is a versatile dry vapor dispensing system that eliminates malodors quickly and safely, using a simple, spill-proof, replaceable air treatment cartridge with adjustable 1-10 output lever.

Area Treatment

The Optimum 4000 can be placed anywhere at a height. The user will have the choice to control the setting of the Optimum 4000 and therefore how much odor neutralizing dry vapor (and aroma) is dispensed for optimal odor removal.
  • Suitable for restaurants, receptions, corridors, gyms, rooms, smoking areas, bars & more.
  • Treats areas up to 560m³ (20,000 cu. ft.)


The Restorator is a simple-to-use, portable electric system that quickly, safely and effectively renews interior space. The Restorator uses patented essential oil membranes to release a non-toxic, odor-neutralizing dry vapor into the air.

Perfectly suited for Hotel Guestroom Treatment

Guestroom odors including smoking rooms can be permanently neutralized with treatments of less than one hour.
  • Durable, compact unit designed for fast, permanent deodorization
  • Treats areas up to 560m³ (20,000 cu. ft.)


The Heavy-duty Stand-alone (HDSA) Cartridge provides immediate and powerful odor control in areas where most systems cannot. The dry vapor deodorizer quickly permeates all porous surfaces it contacts. Odor-contaminated surfaces can be reclaimed using the HDSA odor-control system to eliminate imbedded odors. It requires no noisy fogging apparatus, or evacuation of treatment areas as with ozone machines. It does not require electricity.


The HDSA cartridge is placed inside each A/C air-handling unit to treat odors 24hrs/day.
  • Designed specifically for use in HVAC systems and with high-velocity blower
  • Powerful natural oil formula
  • Treats areas up to 560m³ (20,000 cu. ft.)


Area Treatment

Place a handful of Deodograns in trash bags and garbage dumpsters before use. This approach will help reduce strong odors in main garbage storerooms.
  • Ideal for garbage dumpsters, trashcans and compactors.


Outdoor misting systems can be customized to provide large-scale odor neutralization or signature scenting / aroma branding solutions.

Odor Neutralization

Suitable for industrial waste sites, sewage treatment plants, slaughterhouses, etc

Signature Scenting

Suitable for swimming pools, beach front areas, outdoor arenas (e.g. concerts), large terraces or rooftops (e.g. nightclubs, cafes, bars), etc…
  • Projects have included odor treatments of areas in excess of 3,000m2